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Pet Hair Spinning Services

Are you looking for a one of a kind keepsake? Maybe you have some hair left from a pet that passed away? We can help! We can process your pet's hair into yarn, or even make it into a finished object for you. See below for more information.



What kind of hair can you spin?
We can spin any hair that has a length of about 3 inches. This includes cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more! If you are wondering if your pet has long enough hair, feel free to ask and we can check it out for you. 

How should the hair be collected?
The best hair is the undercoat that is collected while brushing the pet. We can spin hair that was clipped by a professional groomer, but it will have more guard hairs and be itchy. We will also have to sort through the clipped hair to find the longest, softest, pieces. 

How much hair do I need?
If you want 100% pet hair, we do have a minimum requirement of 4 ounces. If you are willing to let us blend the hair with other fibers, then we can work with any amount you have, but require a total weight of 4 ounces once finished. This works great for people that only have a small amount of hair left from a deceased pet. 

Will the finished yarn or item smell?
Pet hair can smell when wet, just like many other natural fibers. However, when we process fiber we only work with washed, clean, fiber. This means either you wash it before it's sent to us, or we wash it for you with our special fiber washes. They leave your fiber with a light, clean, Lavender scent. 

Is it 100% pet hair, or will it be blended with wool or other fibers?
You can choose if you want your item made with just your pets hair, or if you would like us to blend it with some other fibers such as wool, silk, camel, alpaca, etc. We can help you figure out what the best option is for your pet's hair, and what will give you the best finished product. We highly recommend blending the hair with some kind of wool, it's helps prevent shedding, makes the finished item more wearable, and adds bounce to the yarn.

How do I store the hair while I am collecting it?
The hair should be stored in paper bags, or pillow cases. Avoid using plastic bags because the static inside the bag will cause your pet's hair to felt and will not be useable.

Can the pet hair be dyed different colors?
Yes! We love dyeing and it's one of the things we enjoy the most. 

Is there any hair you don't accept?
Unfortunately, we cannot spin hair from single coated breeds like Dobermans, Greyhounds, etc. Also we do not accept hair that is very dirty, full of debris, fecal matter, pee, etc.  


  Service         Info             Price     
Basic Service For pre-washed fiber only!
Includes picking, carding, and spinning into yarn. 
$15 per ounce
Full Service Includes washing, picking, carding, and spinning into yarn. $20 per ounce


Includes 1 solid color up to 1lb of yarn $5
Handpainting Includes multiple colors in a hand painted colorway. Up to 8 ounces of yarn. $5 plus $1 for each additional color 
Blending Includes blending your pet's hair with other fibers such as wool, silk, camel, alpaca, bamboo, etc. $5 per ounce
plus market cost of the added fiber
Plying with silk thread   We can ply your pet's hair with 100% silk thread imported from India. This gives your yarn a fun look, and gives you more yardage. $5 per spool of thread
Add Sparkle We can add sparkle to your pet's hair such as Angelina fiber, Firestar, or Icicle.  $5 per ounce of sparkle used
Artist's Choice My personal favorite option. This option let's the artist decide how to process your fiber. They will work with you to find out a little about what you are looking for, and then will use their expertise to find the best choices to really give you the perfect finished item. This service includes washing, picking, carding, and spinning. It also includes any blending, or dyeing the artist thinks is best.  $25 per ounce




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