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Our Products Available for Wholesale: promopost.jpg

*Hand Dyed Yarns

*Fiber Art Batts

*Wool Dryer Balls

*Hand Dyed Fiber Top/Roving

*Fiber Art Rolags

*Washed and Dyed Loose Fiber and Fiber Blends

10 incentives we can offer your store!


1. Limited edition items.

All our products are unique and done in small batches. We can do repeatable colorways, but prefer to do more limited edition items. This means that your customers can expect a truly one of a kind product, and creates a sense of urgency. Customers know they need to buy right away because if they wait they might never get another chance to score that item.


2. Store exclusives!

We LOVE doing custom colorways and custom collections. We have a storefront, so we understand how hard it can be to compete with online sales and the struggle to get people to shop in store these days. Having exclusive items available ONLY in your store removes the competition because customers can only get these items from YOU!


3. Store loyalty.

When customers message us online looking for our products we will always send them to one of our wholesale accounts in their area. We genuinely want the stores we work with to succeed, and we want customers to Shop Local whenever possible.


4. Limited availability.

We only accept a select number of stores to carry our products, and at this time we are only allowing one store per state. You are guaranteed that no other store in your state will be selling our items and you will be our exclusive dealer for the area.


5. Promotion!

As we mentioned previously we want your store to succeed, and will do anything we can to help. We are currently revamping our website and will be listing a dealer locator. We also share posts on our FB page to help our loyal customers find your store.


6. Door Prizes and Giveaway Items.

If you're having an event, or your just ordered a new custom collection from us, we will include door prizes and giveaway items to help boost your sales.


7. A personal, one on one, experience.

When you work with us you will receive the one on one attention you only get from a small family owned business. No customer service call numbers, or long wait times. We try our very best to be available to our store owners 24/7 and to make sure we are here whenever you need us.


8. Experience.

Lucky Rose Fibers was opened in 2013 and we have learned a lot over the years. Not only do we understand fiber processing, and the maker end of things, we also understand the store side. We opened our storefront two years ago and understand the added challenges that come with running a brick and mortar store, and we try to be the kind of suppliers we would want to work with as store owners.


9. Ready to ship items!

We've all been there, that moment when you check the calendar only to realize you have a store event coming up SOON and you just ran out of some of your best selling items. Yikes! Most of the time when placing an order for hand crafted items, you have to order, make a down payment, wait for the items to get made, pay the remaining balance, and then wait for them to be shipped. This isn't a great scenario when you needed those items yesterday. Well we can help! Having a brick and mortar building for our items means that we often have a wide variety available and ready to ship within a day or two, sometimes we can even ship the same day if there is a huge rush. Just let us know what you need and when, and we can see what we have available, send you an invoice, you pay, and we ship. It's that simple!


10. Easy wholesale terms.

We offer industry standard wholesale pricing, with flexible minimum order amounts. We want our items to sell well for you, and we want you to feel like it's worth your time to stock our brand. We know margins, and we know that stores have extra overhead so we keep our pricing and minimums at a level that will help your store succeed.


Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, and we would love to discuss your store carrying our brand. Feel free to contact us, if you think Lucky Rose Fibers is a good fit for your store!

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